The S850SL is an All-Purpose Mid-Size Slipform Paver with Swing Legs. With the success of the G&Z S600 in the domestic and international markets, the patented AccuSteer: Slew Drive Track Control System and SmartLeg: Swing Leg System have been made available as options on the G&Z S850 in lieu of the reliable and time-tested QUADRA BOLSTER system.

The S850SL is ideal for highway and airport paving, city streets, secondary roads, ramps as well as canal lining applications. The S850SL has been engineered to make contractors more productive. Its time saving options provide the contractor with the opportunity for more paving hours in the day and more paving days during the season.

S850SL Concrete Slipform Pavers
S850SL Narrow Profile Paving Against Barrier Wall

When equipped with special narrow grouser pads, the S850SL can work next to a temporary barrier wall on a companion lane trackline as little as 12" (30cm) wide with and without a DBI.

S850SL Concrete Slipform Paver Specifications

Min. paving width
Max. paving width

12' (3.5 m)
41' (12.5 m) without DBI

App. operating length

23' - 3 1/4" (7.1 m)

Tractor telescopic capability

12' to 26' (3.6 m to 7.9 m) without bolt-in extensions


6-Cylinder CAT C9.3B ACERT Diesel Engine US Federal Tier 4f IOPU / EU Stage V "C" Horsepower @ 2100 RPM, 415 hp (309 kW)

Required track path

2' - 1" (635 mm)

Diesel fuel tank

180 U.S. gallon (681 l)

App. operating weight:
Base machine 24' (7.5m) without optional equipment

108,000 lbs. (48,988 kg)

Hydraulic tank

190 U.S. gallon (718 l)

Add. weight of FF and supports

5,400 lbs. (2,449 kg)

Water tank

 200 U.S. gallon (756 l) Polyurethane

Add. weight of Front TBI

1,000 lbs. (452 kg)

Concrete poker vibrators

  Hydraulic or Electric

App. operating height

14' - 3 1/8" (4.3 m) plus the slab thickness

Crawler track drive

  Working Speed (app.): 0 - 16 fpm (0 - 4.88 mpm)
  Travel Speed (app.): 0 - 74 fpm (0 - 22.55 mpm)

** 'Max. Paving Thickness' reflects standard machine. Custom paving thicknesses can be achieved.
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