The G&Z S400 Slipform Paver is designed to carry on the top performance of the G&Z brand, while adding even greater value for the customer. The S400 is an entry level, single/dual lane paver with the ability to perform versatile applications including: city streets, ramps, shoulders, highway, airport, dual lane, off-set, zero or minimum clearance and barrier walls. “The S400 is a slipform paver that does not confuse ‘entry-size’ with ‘entry-quality’. Its functional design at an affordable price point opens the G&Z brand to a wider set of the market,” says Ronald M. Guntert. The S400 adds value to the customer in its versatility, low operating cost and productivity.

S400 tackles a wide range of applications. With its standard telescopic range of 7 to 17.5 ft. (2 to 5.3m), the S400 paver allows contractors to pave most single-line applications without the need for tractor frame bolt-on extensions. With optional extensions, S400 paves out to 24.6 ft. (7.5m).    

The S400 paver is offered with industry proven and requested options available only through G&Z including: AccuSteer, SmartLeg, TeleEnd, VariWidth and more. These optional systems work together to reduce paving kit and tractor width change time, easily maneuver onsite, quickly reconfigure the machine, and transport to dramatically save time.

Min. paving width
Max. paving width

7' (2.0 m)
24' - 6" (7.5 m) without DBI

App. operating length

 25' - 5 5/8" (7.8 m)

Tractor telescopic capability

7' to 17' - 6" (2.0 m to 5.3 m) without bolt-in extensions


4.5L 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine US Federal Tier 4i /
EU Stage IIIB Intermittent Horsepower @ 2200 RPM, 173 hp (125 kW)

Required track path

1' - 5 3/4" (451 mm)

Diesel fuel tank

  100 U.S. gallon (378 l)

App. operating weight:
Base machine 16' (5m) without optional equipment

64,000 lbs. (29,029 kg)

Hydraulic tank

  190 U.S. gallon (718 l)

Add. weight of FF and supports

 5,400 lbs. (2,449 kg)

Water tank

  200 U.S. gallon (756 l) Polyurethane

Add. weight of Front TBI

1,000 lbs. (452 kg)

Concrete poker vibrators

  Hydraulic or Electric

App. operating height

12' - 5 3/4" (3.8 m) plus the slab thickness

Crawler track drive

  Working Speed (app.): 0 - 18 fpm (0 - 5.4 mpm)
  Travel Speed (app.): 0 - 85 fpm (0 - 26 mpm)
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