Small Concrete Self Propelled Liner

G&Z offers full span Canal Liners for small canals such as watercourses, distributary, and small main canals. These liners are made of the same proven components as G&Z’s highway and airport slipform paver models. A tractor includes the main structure or tractor frame (sometimes telescopic), the supporting end bolsters, power unit and controls, jacking columns, and two or four crawler tracks. The canal liner is capable of being converted to a highway or airport paver in the future.

The Canal Liner comes equipped with vibration either by tube vibrators or as an option poker vibrators and a concrete distribution system. For larger sized small canals a charging conveyor along with a drag chain or wiper conveyor is used to evenly distribute concrete across the front of the liner in the liquification hopper. These small liners can be fed with either truck mixers or if a concrete placer is used by end dump trucks.

To vary the canal cross sections you encounter on your project, the small Canal Liners are arranged so they may be resectionalized to adjust for changing canal bottom widths (BW), depths (D) and slopes. The canal mold includes a liquification hopper with baffles off the front to help hold the concrete on the slope, vibration, the slipform frame / pan and a walkway off the rear with or without an optional transverse joint cutter (“guillotine”).

The Canal Liners can either take its grade and alignment reference off the trimmed subgrade or off a single stringline to minimize concrete losses; however, the concrete losses using a Canal Liner will be greater than if a subgrade guided towed boat was used.

These smaller canal machines can be arranged to be self-moving e.g. so they do not require a crane to move around obstructions in the canal. The self-moving feature is important because these highly productive machines can do a kilometer of small canal in a day and if they cannot be moved quickly, one could spend more days moving the equipment than working. Consult with the G&Z factory on different options available to reduce you moving time and increase your canal lining time.

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