Concrete Canal Jumbo Intro

As long as Canal lining has been around, there has been a need for a separate workbridge (or Jumbo) for finishing concrete and applying curing compound on the concrete surface. In addition to this, separate Jumbos are used for inserting preformed PVC transverse contraction joints and to assist in laying prefabricated reinforcing steel mats.

Although Jumbos are available with rubber tires, they are typically furnished with two, three, or four crawler tracks. Jumbos typically are not required to have automatic elevation control, but manual hydraulic jacking columns are available to help maintain the working platform or cure spray hood at a fixed height above the canal lining and to adjust for varying canal depths.

The crawler tracks, truss frame, and power unit are designed and sized to match your minimum and maximum anticipated canal cross sections. The Jumbo frame and access walkway / stairs easily reconfigure to full span, half span of varying slope angles, or flat configuration and can be adapted to parabolic and half round canal sections.

G&Z provides a heavy duty truss frame to handle repeated moving and handling of the Jumbo over its life. G&Z also provides a wide access walkway, typically off the front and rear of the Jumbo truss frame for workers to easily and safely access the concrete surface for hand finishing and applying cure to the concrete surface

In most cases, only one Jumbo is required behind the concrete Liner. Concrete finishing is done off the front of the Jumbo and application of curing compound is done off the rear.

In high production concrete lining operations, a separate curing jumbo is required in order to keep up with the lining operation. In high production, unreinforced concrete lining operations, automation of the transverse jointing operation is also required to keep up with the concrete lining operation.

Consult with the G&Z factory about your projects specific challenges and needs.

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