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S400 Concrete Slipform Pavers

The New G&Z S400: Compact Slipform Paver is designed to carry on the top performance of the G&Z brand, while adding even greater value for the customer. The S400 is an entry level, single/dual lane paver with the ability to perform versatile applications including: city streets, ramps, shoulders, highway, airport, dual lane, off-set, zero or minimum clearance and barrier walls. “The S400 is a slipform paver that does not confuse ‘entry-size’ with ‘entry-quality’. Its functional design at an affordable price point opens the G&Z brand to a wider set of the market,” says Ron Meskis, President of G&Z. The S400 adds value to the customer in its versatility, low operating cost and productivity.

S850 Concrete Slipform Paver Specifications

Minimum Paving Width 6.5' (2 m)
Double Telescopic Tractor Frame Range nom. 6.5' - 17.5' (2 - 5.3 m)
Maximum Paving Width 24' - 6" (7.5 m)
Maximum Paving Width with DBI Hydraulic Vibrators: 16' (5m) | Electric Vibrators: 19.5' (6m)
Maximum Pavement Thickness** 18" (457 mm)
Engine HP 170 HP (125 kW) | Optional 200 HP (139 kW)
Crawler Tracks 4 (3 Track Configurations Possible)
Paving Kit Standard Series I Paving Kit with Metering Gate, Vibrator Rack
Concrete Spreading System Spreader Plow with Powerful Winch