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S850 Concrete Slipform Pavers

The MP550 is designed for versatility, high production, ease of maintenance and has the lowest operating cost of any machine in its class.


The MP550 is the most versatile material placer on the market. It is capable of handling a wide variety of concrete slumps as well as dry materials. The MP550 features four wheels with high flotation tires. It is four-wheel drive with dual axle steering with only a 12' (3.66M) inside turning radius. This offers greater ease of movement in and around the jobsite. Its receiving hopper design has been carefully crafted featuring a hydraulically adjustable flop gate with a front lip that is only 23" (584mm) off the ground. The hopper is designed to accept the widest range of trucks. The MP550's 35' (10.7m) long Swing Conveyor, which can pivot 170 degrees, is designed with a hinge point near the tail pulley for ease of clearing concrete barrier walls and other jobsite obstructions while minimizing the material discharge height.

High Production

The MP550 is capable of the highest concrete spreading production on the market. Its industry leading hopper size can hold approx. 5.5 cyd (4.2 m3) not including the material held on the belt. The hopper's unique front "flop gate" is actuated hydraulically to seal against the dump truck during dumping to minmize spillage and to feed the material to the auger. The hopper is also available with hydraulically adjustable front pusher rollers with up to 12" (30cm) of adjustment in and out. The high capacity Transfer and Swing Conveyors are capable of handling the largest loads without stall or slippage. The conveyors are equipped with rugged shaft-mounted drive motors that offer ample torque for high production placing.

Easy to Maintain

The MP550 is designed to be the easiest placer on the market to clean and maintain. G&Z put heavy emphasis on making the conveyors and their components readily accessible and easy to clean and maintain to keep operating costs low. The hopper has been designed with a quick-release mechanism to allow the carrier to safely walk away from the hopper for ease of access, cleaning, loading or switching to other attachments. The carrier side access panels safely guard the transfer conveyor during operation and provide access during daily cleaning. The tail end of the transfer conveyor can quickly be lowered (or even disconnected) hydraulically from the bottom of the hopper for cleaning and maintenance. Each conveyor has also been meticulously designed to allow the continuous belts to be easily replaced.

Lowest Operating Cost

The MP550 is outfitted with a 6 cylinder Tier 4i diesel engine with a simple design solution for upgrade to Tier 4 final. The Tier 4i engine features low fuel consumption and does not have a particulate trap like other Tier 4 engines. It also features extended service intervals. The "Eco-Mode" feature on the MP550 reduces fuel consumption by up to 35%. The tire over track design choice dramatically reduces maintenance and cost. Because the two conveyors are accessible and easy to clean, the high operating costs associated with concrete belts is dramatically reduced. The MP550 is also designed to be quick and easy to transport. The swing conveyor hydraulically folds up for transport and high speed travel.

S850 Concrete Slipform Paver Specifications

Receiving Hopper 5.5 cyd (4.2m3)
Powerful Variable Speed 14" (355mm) Auger
23" (584mm) High Front Lip with Hydraulic Flop Gate
Conveyors Swing Conveyor: 36" (914mm) Wide x 35' (10.66m) Long
170° of Swing Capability

Transfer Conveyor: 36" (914mm) Wide x 23' (7m) Long
Variable Speed 0 - 600fpm
Propel System 4 Wheel Drive - High Flotation Rubber Tires
5 Steering Modes - Coordinated, Crab, Front, Rear and Optional Automatic
0 - 9 mph (0 - 14.5km/h)
12' (3.66m) Steering Radius*
Elevation Control Standard: Hydraulic Hopper Height Adjustment
Optional: 4 Jacking Columns with 27" (685mm) Hydraulic Height Adjustment
Machine Weight Approx. 45,000lbs (20,412kg)**
Engine Power 260 HP (193 kW) 6 Cycle Tier 4i Diesel Engine with ECO Throttle

* To Centerline of Inside Tires
**Dry Weight with no options
Patents Pending
International Patents Pending